Kvinna med roller.
Glad kvinna som håller i en roller framför halvt målad gul vägg

Nynäshamnsbostäder practises what is called VLU for the interior flat maintenance. VLU is an abbreviation for ”valfritt lägenhetsunderhåll” which means optional flat maintenance.

Before introducing VLU in 2003, all basic rents were reduced by 3 %, which means that you also today have a basic rent which is 3 % lower and instead you yourself decide when, where and how the maintenance of your flat should be done. You also decide by whom the job should be performed. Of course you are also free to keep the flat unchanged if you think everything is nice in your flat.

If you should like to order the job via Nynäshamnsbostäder, this will be settled in a contract between you and Nynäshamnsbostäder. There is also a possibility for you to pay an instalment for the job together with your rent payment.

VLU comprises the interior maintenance of what is called the surface layers, for example painting of or paper hanging on walls and grinding or lacquering of floors. The bathroom and white goods (fridge, freezer and stove) are excepted. VLU means that you only pay for the maintenance of your own flat, which means you will not have to pay for other people’s repair needs.

How do you want it to be?

Thanks to the VLU system you can choose the standard you want to have in your home. Would you like to repair often? Seldom? Never? It’s your own choice. You can choose one of the following four alternatives: 1. You make the job by yourself and pay in cash. Please consider the fact that the work must be made in a professional way and that the materials and colours must not be too extreme. 2. You yourself engage a contractor and settle the payment with him.

3. You order the job through Nynäshamnsbostäder, which in its turn engages experts. You will then pay an administration fee and pay off by instalments as an amendment to the rent, either during 36 or 60 months.

4. You may also choose to abstain from all kinds of maintenance work. Perhaps you like your flat just as it is.